I’m Lenny Towett

A Graphic Designer & Filmmaker

About me

I Am a Creative Graphic Designer And Film maker

Don’t be the company whose branding people look at and ask, “Who did this?”

The year was 2014. I had gone to a hotel with a bunch of friends, and all was running pretty smoothly until the menu was brought. The fonts were so poorly done and the food images on the menu had no association with either the theme of the hotel or the colour scheme. Clearly, someone had been paid to paste pictures and write names and had done it so badly, or the manager had someone in college do it to save costs! “Who designed this menu?” someone from our group asked. And that’s when it hit me. Everywhere, businesses are leaking money just because they aren’t getting their designs done right. The designers they hire only care for themselves and those that do good work provided no extra value. And that’s what I set out to change.

I will not only satisfy your present graphical design needs but will offer your business continuous support and evaluate your entire branding channels, after which I will advise you and tweak where necessary.

Business is hard enough. Don’t let poor designs make it harder.

What I offer

Graphic Design

Elevate your brand with graphic design that is creative, responsive, fresh and tailor-made for you.

Video Production

I deliver pre-production, production and post production creative solutions tailored to suit productions of any genre of complexity.

Motion Graphics

Telling Complex Stories with 3D animation and graphic







When you hire me you receive:

  • A graphical solution that is unique to your business
  • An evaluation of your entire corporate branding strategy
  • Continuous graphical design support in your marketing channels

Contact Info.

  • Milestone Business Centre Northern Bypass Rd. 4th Floor Office E1
  • +254 722 856 286
  • hello@lennytowett.com
  • lennykiprono@gmail.com

Don’t be a stranger just say hello.

Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing new projects,
creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your visions.

Thank you
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